15 – 16 May 2019    Copenhagen Fashion Summit

Since its first edition in 2009, Copenhagen Fashion Summit has established itself as the world’s leading business event on sustainability in fashion. Convening major fashion industry decision makers, the multi-stakeholder event has become the nexus for agenda-setting discussions on the most critical environmental, social and ethical issues facing our industry and planet.

The next edition of Copenhagen Fashion Summit will mark the event’s 10th anniversary and will take place on 15-16 May 2019 at the Copenhagen Concert Hall under the patronage of HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark. The Summit is organised by Global Fashion Agenda, a leadership forum on fashion sustainability working to mobilise the global fashion system to change the way we produce, market and consume fashion, for a world beyond next season.

8:00 – 8:30 AM – Registration and light breakfast

Doors close at 8:30 AM due to the arrival of HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark
8:00 AM – Innovation Forum opens

9:00 AM – Opening day 1

  • Opening address
    Simon Collins
    Founder and CEO, WeDesign
    Eva Kruse
    CEO and President, Global Fashion Agenda
  • Introduction

    Gemma Cairney
    Television and Radio Presenter
  • Welcome address

    HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark
    Patron, Copenhagen Fashion Summit and Global Fashion Agenda
  • Conversation: Innovating the fashion industry

    A reflective conversation from an industry pioneer discussing his journey and vision to put social and environmental sustainability at the core of business.

    François-Henri Pinault
    Chairman and CEO, Kering
    Valerie Keller
    Co-Founder and CEO, Imagine
  • Conversation: Walking the talk – the pursuit of sustainable development

    A keynote discussing the role of businesses and CEOs to act responsibly, and how we can achieve maximum impact in pursuit of the sustainable development agenda. Followed by a conversation around a call to action for leadership in advance of the 45th G7 Summit in August.

    Paul Polman
    Chair, International Chamber of Commerce and The B Team
    Brune Poirson
    French Secretary of State to Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition
10:45 – 11:15 AM – Break
  • Presentation: Taking the pulse of the fashion industry

    Putting the spotlight on current industry performance and providing guidance for concrete action.

    Michael Preysman
    Founder and CEO, Everlane
    Anita Dongre
    Chief Creative Officer, House of Anita Dongre
    Sebastian Boger
    Partner, Boston Consulting Group
    Morten Lehmann
    Chief Sustainability Officer, Global Fashion Agenda
  • Panel discussion: What’s on the CEO Agenda – Core priorities

    For implementation to happen right now, what core issues should be prioritised to become more sustainable and also be top of mind for fashion CEOs?

    Baptiste Carriere-Pradal
    Vice President, Sustainable Apparel Coalition
    Jennifer Silberman
    Vice President, Corporate Responsibility, Target
    Dorte Rye Olsen
    Sustainability Manager, BESTSELLER
    Harsh Saini
    Executive Vice President of Vendor Compliance & Sustainability, Li & Fung
    Moderated by
    Nader Mousavizadeh
    Co-founder & Co-CEO, Macro Advisory Partners
  • Panel discussion: The rise of nations

    In various countries across the globe, national fashion councils work to further the interests of designers and brands. But what is their strategy for improving sustainability performance?

    Steven Kolb
    President and CEO, the Council of Fashion Designers of America
    Carlo Capasa
    Chair, Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana
    Moderated by
    Clare Press
    Sustainability Editor-at-Large, Vogue Australia
12:35 – 2:30 PM – LUNCH BREAK
  • Panel discussion presented by Avery Dennison: The power of creatives

    Fashion designers hold the power, but how are they leveraging that power in their creative process to make items that we all fall in love with and that make sustainability cool?

    Charlotte Eskildsen
    Founder and Creative Director, Designers Remix
    Christopher Raeburn
    Creative Director, RÆBURN
    Stephen Fairchild
    Chief Creative and Brand Officer, Pandora
    Moderated by
    Vice President, Red Carpet Green Dress
  • Panel discussion presented by C&A Foundation: Hidden supply chains

    The complexity of fashion supply chains is vast. Securing traceability and basic human rights beyond factories and into local communities is tricky, especially for informal workers such as children.

    Nina Smith
    Chief Executive Officer, GoodWeave International
    Daniel Fibiger
    Director of Global Partnerships and Supplier Sustainability, Gap Inc.
    Julia Ormond
    Actress and Founder, ASSET
    Moderated by
    Akilah Joseph
    Senior Interview Producer, Al Jazeera English
3:30 – 4:30 PM BREAK
  • Panel discussion: From farm to hanger – animals in fashion supply chains

    What role do animal welfare standards and certification schemes play in raising the bar when it comes to sourcing animal products for fashion?

    La Rhea Pepper
    Managing Director, Textile Exchange
    Dr Helen Crowley
    Head of Sustainable Sourcing Innovation, Kering
    Philip Lymbery
    Chief Executive, Compassion in World Farming
    Moderated by
    Marion Hume
    International Fashion Editor, The Australian Financial Review
  • Panel discussion presented by HSBC: The business case for and against sustainability

    A company’s ability to manage environmental, social and governance matters demonstrates the leadership and good governance that is so essential to sustainable growth. Investors and asset managers are increasingly integrating these issues into their investment process – but why now and what are the next steps to ensure the investments needed to fix a broken system?

    Nikhil Hirdaramani
    Director, Hirdaramani Group
    Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe
    Founder and Executive Chair, African Fashion International
    Burcu Senel
    Global Head of Client Propositions, Global Trade Business, HSBC
    Moderated by
    Rachel Arthur
    Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Current Global
  • Conversation: The house is on fire

    Parts of the fashion industry have committed to mitigating the climate crisis, but is the industry ready to aggressively pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, as dictated by the Paris Agreement?

    Dr Martin Frick
    Senior Director for Policy and Programme Coordination, UN Climate Change
    Stefan Seidel
    Head of Corporate Sustainability, PUMA
    Laila Petrie
    Textiles and Cotton Lead, WWF
  • Closing remarks
    Gemma Cairney
    Television and Radio Presenter
6:00 PM – End of day 1

8:00 – 8:30 AM – Registration and light breakfast
8:00 AM – Innovation Forum opens
9:00 AM – Opening day 2
  • Youth Fashion Summit

    More than 80 Youth Fashion Summit students from world-leading design and business schools will return to Copenhagen Fashion Summit to transform their demands from last year into action. On stage they will present how the fashion industry can drive gender equality across operations and society.

    The two-year sustainability programme is put together by Global Fashion Agenda and Copenhagen School of Design and Technology in collaboration with United Nations Global Compact and Pandora.

    Introduced by Connie Nielsen, actor, activist and Youth Fashion Summit ambassador

    Connie Nielsen
    Actor and activist
  • Opening remarks
    Gemma Cairney
    Television and Radio Presenter
  • Panel discussion: Circular economy in fashion – from commitments to action

    Circularity has become front of mind for the fashion industry, consumers and policymakers. While parts of the fashion and textile industry have committed to the transition towards a circular economy, few have detailed the actions they are taking to achieve this new future for fashion. What are the current actions taking place, and what is needed to scale up existing efforts? What role can fashion brands, suppliers, NGOs and governments play to support this?

    Robert van de Kerkhof
    Chief Commercial Officer, Lenzing AG
    Roberto Canevari
    Chief Supply Chain Officer, Burberry
    Co-President, Club of Rome
  • Panel discussion: How to disrupt an industry

    Disrupters from other industries share their unique insights and best recommendations for how the fashion industry can radically change its business model. .

    Vice President and General Manager, Global Commercial, Avery Dennison RBIS
    Cyrill Gutsch
    Founder, Parley for the Oceans
    Ian Pattison
    Head of Customer Engineering, Google Cloud UK
    Moderated by
    Innovation Editor, Vogue Business
  • Panel discussion presented by ISKO™: 10 years of sustainability in fashion

    Celebrating Copenhagen Fashion Summit’s 10-year anniversary: What were our biggest achievements and what opportunities did we miss in the past decade? And what are the most crucial challenges we should deal with in the decade to come?

    Sustainable Apparel Coalition
    CEO, TAL Group
    Director of Sustainable Business, Marks & Spencer
    Moderated by
    Fashion Director, The New York Times
11:00 – 11:35 AM – Break
  • Panel discussion: What’s on the CEO Agenda – transformational priorities?

    What are the most transformational issues to prioritise to become more sustainable and that should be top of mind for any CEO in fashion to achieve immediate fundamental change?

    Marie-Claire Daveu
    Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of International Institutional Affairs, Kering
    Anna Gedda
    Head of Sustainability, H&M group
    Noel Kinder
    Chief Sustainability Officer, Nike
    Senior Vice President of Corporate Responsibility, PVH Corp.
    Moderated by
    Nader Mousavizadeh
    Co-founder & Co-CEO, Macro Advisory Partners
  • Panel discussion: Wages – what should fashion brands do?

    Fair wages, living wages, minimum wages – how and when do we get this right as an industry and what should companies do in countries where governments don’t play along?

    Helena Helmersson
    Chief Operating Officer, H&M group
    Nazma Akter
    President, Sommilito Garments Sramik Federation
    Jenny Holdcroft
    Assistant General Secretary, IndustriALL Global Union
    Moderated by
    Peder Michael Pruzan-Jorgensen
    Director and Owner, ORCA & Co.
12:30 – 2:00 PM – Lunch break
  • Panel discussion: Leading the fourth industrial revolution

    Everybody is talking about it, but what does it actually mean on the ground and for whom?

    Dan Rees
    Director, Better Work
    Rubana Huq
    Managing Director, Mohammadi Group
    Michael Kobori
    Vice-President, Sustainability, Levi Strauss & Co.
  • Conversation: Making sustainability centre stage

    Bold leadership from all parts of the organisation is needed to create the necessary change to pursue sustainability – but how we can make sustainability resonate at the top and create businesses with purpose?

    Emanuel Chirico
    Chair and CEO, PVH Corp.
    President, Condé Nast International
3:00 – 3:55 PM – Break
  • Panel discussion: Sustainability and design decisions – good, bad or ugly?

    The choices designers make in the creative process are pivotal for any given product. But what is the impact of these choices and how do you prioritise sustainability and a caring mindset in creative decision-making?

    Samuel Ross
    Designer and Founder, A-Cold-Wall
    John Hoke
    Chief Design Officer, Nike
    Moderated by
    Editor in Chief, WW
  • Pitches: Making the pitch for sustainability solutions

    Putting the spotlight on the industry’s most innovative business approaches to sustainability.

    Presented by
    Simon Collins
    Founder and CEO, WeDesign
  • Panel discussion: The end of ownership?

    From Uber to Spotify, ownership is giving way to access via on-demand services. What does this significant change mean for fashion?

    Michael Wang
    Co-Founder and COO, YCloset
    Maria Raga
    CEO, Depop
    Ryan Gellert
    General Manager – EMEA, Patagonia
    Moderated by
    Author and journalist
  • Conversation: A designer’s journey

    A conversation with two of the strongest voices in fashion on their personal philosophies towards responsibility, charting the challenges, the opportunities and the triumphs.

    Katharine Hamnett
    CBE, designer and activist
    Tim Blanks
    Editor-at-Large, The Business of Fashion
  • Panel discussion: Born to shop?

    Fashion often shies away from discussing the elephant in the sustainability room: Consumption. How can an industry built on growth responded to the fact that we all have too much stuff?

    Wilson Oryema
    Artist, writer, activist and model
    Model, Ambassador and Consultant
    Journalist and screenwriter
    Moderated by
    Journalist and Presenter
  • Closing remarks
    Eva Kruse
    CEO and President, Global Fashion Agenda
6:00 PM – End of day 2